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Changing the lives of neglected, abandoned, abused, stray, needy animals: one life at a time.

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 Your donations all go directly to helping the BARC animals, there are lots of different ways you can help.

Beacon Animal Rescue Centre – Saving one life at a time

Our ethos is a modest one; to save one life at a time. We believe that animals deserve a chance for a better life no matter where they are born in the world. That is why BARC are committed to rescuing dogs and cats from both within the UK, as well as rescuing animals from countries where they face extreme hardships and have no other alternatives, like Romania. In addition, we also contribute towards neutering programmes in countries that need it most.


Proudly supported by Burns Pet Nutrition



Latest news

2017 Sponsor: Burns Pet Nutrition

We are very fortunate that once again Burns Pet Nutrition are supporting BARC in 2017 by providing food for our rescue dogs each month.  As with all animal lovers we believe that diet is hugely important for the wellbeing of our dogs, that’s why we are proud to feed Burns, a premium hypoallergenic food. Please […]


Please don’t pass us by!

We have a number of dogs who have been waiting a while for their chance for a forever home, some of them are a bit more challenging due to their needs, some we just can’t understand what the hold up is! Special needs doesn’t mean less deserving and adopting a dog who needs extra attention, […]



From April 6th 2016, all dogs aged eight weeks and over in the UK are legally required to have a microchip. Dog owners who do not have their dogs chipped could face a fine of up to £500. So, be wise – visit and get your doggy microchipped today!