Frequently asked questions

What is the adoption process?

DOGS: If you are interested in adopting a BARC DOG please dowloand and complete our doggy pre-adoption form and email it to us at info@barc.uk.com

CATS: If you are interested in adopting a BARC CAT please dowloand and complete our kitty pre-adoption form and email it to us at info@barc.uk.com

A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your enquiry.  A homecheck will be required and once it is confirmed as successful we will discuss the next  steps with you.


What is the adoption donation?

To ensure we can continue to care for more animals we do ask for a minimum non-returnable adoption donation depending on what type and age of animal you are adopting.  We don’t want to put people off adoption but owning a pet does mean additional financial burden (which we think is totally worth it!) so we don’t see the adoption fee as a barrier at all.  The minimum adoption donations are:

Puppies (6m and younger): £250    Dogs: £220  

Kittens (6m and younger): £80        Cats: £80



We are a small rescue run by two friends who both have full-time jobs, so we don’t have kennel facilities at the moment and any of our dogs without forever homes lined up go to foster homes.  Foster homes are so important to help our dogs live in a home environment before they go to their forever family.

We provide all food, vet care/costs and other items the dog may need – you provide the love, home, walkies etc until they find their forever home :-)

If you can help by fostering a dog (or cat!), please email us for a foster registration form.


What about vaccinations and neutering?

All BARC animals will be fully vaccinated, microchipped and neutered (if old enough) before they are re-homed.  If you adopt an animal which isn’t old enough to be neutered you will be asked to sign an agreement to confirm you will arrange this as soon as they are old enough and you will need to send us evidence this has been carried out.


What do you feed your dog?



We are very lucky to receive support from Burns Dog food who supply our rescue dogs with food every month. We believe that diet is a hugely important for the wellbeing of our dogs, that’s why we are proud to feed Burns which is a premium, hypoallergenic food containing no nasty additives.  All our dogs are re-homed with Burns vouchers and information packs to help our new BARC doggy owners get their new family member settled in as quickly and easily as possible.  Please do visit the Burns website to find out more about them and check out their helpful information about Pet care and nutrition: www.burnspet.co.uk