Please don’t pass us by!

Please don’t pass us by!

We have a number of dogs who have been waiting a while for their chance for a forever home, some of them are a bit more challenging due to their needs, some we just can’t understand what the hold up is!

Special needs doesn’t mean less deserving and adopting a dog who needs extra attention, be it physically or emotionally, can be a hugely rewarding experience. Rescue dogs rarely come without baggage, and some just have a few extra suitcases than others, and need some extra help unpacking them before they can really settle in and enjoy their new life.

So please, if you can offer a special dog a special home get in touch!

We are in the process of getting them all on our adopt page on the website, but please get in touch ( to ask us more about:

Tia – our lovely miniature malamute cross (pictured below) who adores people and is such a good girl at home, but can be a bit of a pickle out and about on lead with other dogs. Would love to live in a quiet area.

Roy – Superstar Roy, lab cross who is great with everything, he would love an active home, see him on our adopt page.

Diesel – An older boy who spent several years living on the streets of Romania. He’s a loving old man who just wants a quiet retirement without a lot of coming and goings in the home. He can live with other dogs if they’re calm and respectful.

Patsy & Edina – these two young female dogs are totally adorable and fantastic with everything, they just need a home together. Mother and daughter pair they’re only small, around large cat size, and super sweet.

Albie – Albie is a small dog who is absolutely fantastic, loves people and great with other dogs and can live with cats. He has a medical condition which has fused together some of his toes, so he gets around a little less easily on hard ground and needs inexpensive monthly medication – this seems to be putting people off which is a real shame as he is SUCH a wonderful boy.

Brave – Brave has been through an awful lot and needs a very special home. He was found close to death in Romania having been hit by a car and badly injured. His physical wounds have healed but he carries the emotional scars of the hell he went through. Brave is looking for that special home where he can be skittish but still loved and understood.

Dobby – Dobby is so called because of his hilarious looks. He’s a fab boy who loves people and could live with other dogs. Dobby is around lab size.

Lettie – Lettie is a large sized shepherd cross who forms a very close bond with her human. She would ideally like a home without children, she loves other dogs and will happily live with them. She can be wary of men so would love a lady companion who she can shower with love and cuddles.

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