Project Street Paws

Project Street Paws

A female dog and her litters can produce over 67,000 dogs in just 6 years.

There are an estimated 600,000 stray dogs in Bucharest, Romania, alone.  Those who do own pets often do not have them neutered, and allow them to roam the streets.  The dogs and cats living on the streets have no one to vaccinate or neuter them. Disease and continuous breeding goes on unchecked. There is no Government programme in Romania to tackle the stray dog and cat issue at grass roots.  The problem continues therefore in a vicious cycle.  This is a story familiar to many countries across the world: Thailand, Spain, India, Greece to name but a few.

At BARC, we do what we can to rescue and rehome the animals, to help them escape the terrible conditions and cruelty the face, but we’re fighting an uphill battle.

It is our mission therefore with Project Street Paws to provide free neutering and vaccinations to local people for their pets and the street animals they live with.  We will roll this out to begin with in Romania, where we have existing links, but hope to replicate the model in any country where the locals and stray animals need our help.

To start with, from as little as 30 euros, a dog or cat can be neutered  – preventing the birth of thousands of unwanted puppies.  It’s estimated that with a systematic, countrywide programme, the stray dog population in Romania could be eradicated within just 8 years.  We are starting on a small scale, but we are doing our part and hope that with your support we can improve conditions and welfare for these animals.

To donate toward our neutering programme please use paypal:, quoting Project Street Paws, or contact us for our bank details.

Thank you as always for your invaluable support in helping us change the lives of domestic animals across the world.

Team BARC xx

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