Sponsoring a dog is a great way to support our work and see who your money directly helps

A sponsor dog makes a great gift for any animal lover, especially one who can’t have a dog of their own.

The dogs available here for sponsorship need extra help.  The reasons for this could be behavioural issues, physical illness or because the nature of their life so far means that they simply are not suited to a home environment.  Some of them, like our Thai meat trade dogs, are special cases which cost a lot of money for us to save  – but we really want to help them.

Keeping these animals in comfort,  good health and providing further training all have ongoing costs to BARC. We are offering our supporters the chance to sponsor and in return you will receive regular updates, pictures and a certificate.

Find out about our Thai sponsor dogs on our Facebook page.

Find out about our sponsor puppies on our Facebook page.